Our Products

Led Bulbs

led bulb 5w,7w,9w,12w,15w

high power factor energy efficient led bulbs

available in all wattages(5w,7w,9w,12w,15w)

2year warranty

high lumens

led tubelights

led tube lights
18w tube light

led tubelights for home and office use..

high lumens and reliable product..

18months warranty..

available in 1ft,2ft,3ft,4ft 


led conceal lights

led conceal lights

led conceal lights used in conceal boxes..

available in 5,7,9w..

 18months warranty and 24 months warranty..

different designs according to customer requirements

Led panel lights

led panel lights
false cieling lights

led panel lights in all wattages 3,6,12,15,18w 

available in square and round shapes..

perfect for office use and in commercial spaces..

Led street light

led street lights for roads,stadiums and other open spaces..

manufactured using the best quality led from reputed brands and warranty upto 5years..